Corry Weller : 16 x Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Champion

Corry Weller : 16 x Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Champion


Corry Weller won 3rd consecutive LOORRS Prod Turbo UTV Championship! Couldn’t have done it without Demon Powersports amazing support this year – no issues with axles and I always had them whenever I needed them – thank you for that!

We went into the weekend with a 7 point deficit, which I gave up at Wild Horse Pass when I decided to not tear my X3 up through the rollers and just stay close in points. Basically, to win this championship I had to sweep both qualifiers, and win both races for rounds 9 and 10...

We did get fastest qualifier for both rounds, and we did win round 9 despite a deflating left rear tire, and with Anderson suffering a blown engine (we think they were running on the ragged edge for power) halfway through Round 9, that put us firmly into the lead again in points for the final round.

I knew all I needed to do was finish on the podium and we had it by a few points, so that was what we did. Anderson did get into me a bunch on the first few laps of Round 10 (the final round), and I knew he would because he had nothing to lose at that point and everything to gain. So I was ready for the contact and he wasn’t able to get around me, because well... we are heavier lol!

He then blew a right rear tire getting swapped up in the rollers, and we were goooooooone... until they threw a “debris” caution after he had gotten a tire change and was back on track. That put him back in the hunt, and by the final lap or two I knew he was coming again, so I just let him go so he didn’t have another chance to try to take me out again. 2nd place was plenty of points for us to lock it up in that final round.

Feels good to win the championship title three years in a row!

Corry Weller

Can Am Off-Road Factory Racer | Weller Racing

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