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High Temperature Resistance

Lowers The Brake Fade Ration at High Temperatures

Suited for Different Terrains

Works in Wet, Dusty, Muddy & Sandy Terrains

Easy To Install

If you can change your car's disc brakes then it is very easy for you to install on ATVs/UTVs


Backed By 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty*

Sintered Metal Brake Pads

Sintered Metal Brake Pads

  • All Metallic Bronze Washed Pads containing Copper, Tin, Graphite and other Metallic elements with Nonferrous filaments
  • Provides Instant Braking Performance in wet or muddy conditions with Exceptional Stability in all temperatures
  • The High Density Builds Material results in consistent friction across a full range of operating temperatures and reducing Brake fade at high temperatures
  • USD Price Range: $22.99 - $52.99