Jay Gropl

Jay Gropl breathes, eats and sleeps thinking about ATV Racing, Jay Gropl may even have been born riding an ATV. Since 2011, Jay has solidifed his position  in the ATV Race industry by finding success right from the start. His Polaris Scrambler is a beast in itself, there are only a few that can keep up, but only then are they lucky to have even caught up. In 2015, Jay has succeeded in becoming a Triple Champion, this has proven his great ATV riding ability and has caught the attention of some teams from over seas. One team in particular is Team UXC (Factory Polaris Team USA), in 2017, they have invited Jay Gropl to start  for 2 racers in the GNCC Pro class. Jay has only one motive while racing in GNCC, and that is to bring a podium position home to Austria.