TMF Racing

Bill Ford is the proud business owner of  K.O Exteriors, a stucco/acrylic company for 17  years, father of 2 and an ATV enthusiast. He began racing and building custom ATVs/RUV’s in 2013, at this time, Bill bought the New Maverick and did a full modification on it and began racing all over Alberta. This opened up a whole new world for Bill. Bill is now racing all over Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and in the CMR (Championship mud racing) in the USA. In 2017, Bill plans to take his experiences and success with American mud racing and bring it to his home turf to develop the first ever Canadian Championship Mud Racing Event.

2017 1st in Pro B- Championship Mud Racing
2017 3rd in Lite- Championship Mud Racing
2016 2nd in Pro A- Championship Mud Racing
2016 3rd in Pro A- Highlifter Mud Nationals